Minecraft Lady, creator of Bookishly Yours, author, editor and aspiring humor writer

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Under the cover of a February sky, senses activated, the cup of inspiration is refilled

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The Oversharer, the Lurker, the Hater… play along to see who’s in your Facebook feed

Facebook Feed Bingo
Facebook Feed Bingo
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Eight tips from a long-time freelancer on how to diversify and build your practice, set rates and keep discovering new clients

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Haiku | Inspiration

It can be hard to break a negative cycle in your life, but the consequences can be even worse

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Take your spark of an idea to a finished first draft with these simple tips from an editor

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Tanka | Weekly Prompt

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2020 stole a little part of me, but it also taught me an important lesson

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A short reading list that can set you on the path to master your storytelling practice whether you’re an experienced novelist or a first-timer

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Cara J. Stevens

Bookishly Yours, by Cara Stevens, features articles about writing, musings on life, attempts at humor, and interviews with kidlit authors and illustrators.

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